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If you want to achieve your healthy weight, mass and figure according to your own ideal, an emotional balance, success in your private life, professional or become the person you always wanted to be, then look at what I propose and do not hesitate to ask me your questions.

“There are no limits other than your eyes, the subconscious has none.” – Farida Sebbag




Develop your career and business

Improve your relationships

Develop your self-esteem

Self-esteem and attraction of love

Increase your intellectual faculties

Growing through meditation

Develop your career and your BUSINESS

Through these articles and reflections you will gain access to the secrets of those who succeed.

get rich

A positive model

The superhero technique

The law of attraction

Creative spirit

improve your relationships

What is the secret of those who thrive around and with others?

Magical relationships

Attract your soul mate

BECOMING a Loving Parent

succeed in your life as a couple

develop your self-esteem

The basis of any personal or professional success is self-esteem. Learn or strengthen this quality

Unconditional Self-Love

The solution to happiness

Facilitating change

The power unleashed

Believe in yourself


What if you had a power within you that you didn’t even know you had, capable of making you succeed in everything you do?

Superior power

Unlock your intuition

Your inner guide

On top of the world

Happy Go Lucky

the super chargers

Great chargers are when you are at the end and looking for a better option to be instant

the health and fitness supercharger

The confidence booster

The super charger of the spirit of wealth

the super charger of the spirit of success

the super sleep charger

the super health charger

the super charger of success

the super charger of happiness

the super charger of creativity

the super universal charger

meditate for better living

How do we get more (of what we value) done? With these concepts, you’ll go from spinning your wheels to achieving the outcomes you want – in less time.

live in the present

relaxation techniques

Compassionate Meditation

Mindfulness meditation