Advanced Hypnosis

Eliminate an average of 3 kilos per month at your own pace


My hypnosis for weight loss is a psychological procedure that allows you to lose weight by choosing the behaviors and choices that are essential for a safe and permanent weight loss in “reflex”/”automatic” mode, by “deprogramming” yourself to “reprogram” yourself

It is not the number of sessions that leads to successful weight loss but the use of the right techniques for each patient and their appropriate combination.

Weight gain is multifactorial, and weight loss must take all of these factors into account. Addressing only the conscious mind is futile, the subconscious mind is capable of processing more than 11 million pieces of information per second.

Weight loss through decrease in the quantities ingested, the reappropriation of satiety, therefinement of the silhouette, the suppression of addictions (sugar, chocolate, stress), theself-esteem, the positive thinking,increase in basalmetabolic rate and muscle mass, motivation for sports or any other sports activity… It’s an ultra complete package!


This is the success rate of my advanced method. The average time is an average of 3 kilos of weight loss per month, but it can be much more. This is an interesting average in that there is no diet to be done, no meal replacement to be taken. You eliminate excess fat and maintain your muscle mass without any conscious effort. The change is immediate after the session. The first kilos lost are noted as early as the 7th day.


My method by hypnotic system is totally atypical and 100% safe, guaranteed without dieting and without any supplement or food substitute. 

Where the solutions proposed by the conscious mind have failed, the subconscious mind will succeed.

The best way to affect the subconscious mind is to bypass conscious resistance through the power of subliminal programming: NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) under clinical hypnosis by being at the same frequency as the  brain to the right and/or left hemispheres.

My hypnosis method will allow you to lose your excess weight and never gain it back by accessing the part of your mind that has recorded negative associations with lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, healthy body image etc…

In other words, with my method I will intervene with your collaboration in your mind to deprogram everything that prevents you from losing weight and replace this programming with a new one that will make you lose weight.

In 1 hour, all this will be real for you, without effort, without thinking about it, in fully automatic mode, without willpower, you will function with new behaviors from the end of the session and programmed forever.

It is a particular method of clinical hypnosis at the forefront of research, the combination of several techniques that allow to address 100% to your subconscious more widely effective than hypnosis usually practiced in office. The key to the success of such a method lies in the considering the obstacles to weight loss, as well as the latest techniques in hypnosis and in changing eating habits and lifestyle. You will develop the ability to replace unhealthy food attractions with healthy food attractions. You can even visualize the weight you want to achieve so you can program your body to get there. A powerful combination of techniques that will allow you to get in shape in very few minutes. The effects and results are multiplied tenfold, so that only one session instead of several “classic” is necessary.

Your remaining addictions, as well as unhealthy food cravings and associations will literally be transformed or eliminated if you choose. You will create new “tapes” in your mind about your body, your diet and your health just by listening to my voice. These messages will be incorporated at a subliminal level in your mind to create huge changes in your behavior, allowing you to make healthier choices.

The hypnotic gastric band is included at no extra cost. Be careful, alone it is useless! It constitutes only a hundred words in a script of about 2700 words that I compose for you.



what farida recommends

Diets are too restrictive, which makes them difficult to follow. When we know that 95% of people who follow a diet regain all the weight they have lost in only one year and often with additional weight, we see that diets do not work. The maximum duration of a diet is 6 weeks and many people can only last a few days.

Diet and exercise do not address the problems that cause people to overeat. There is always an emotional reason, and it is usually for comfort when people are stressed, unhappy, vulnerable or bored that they tend to overeat.

Over 70% of overeaters are emotional and addictive eaters. 20% are habitual eaters who ignore themselves, and only 10% are angry eaters. You need to know what kind of eater you are before you can tackle the problem, which no amount of diets, pills or gastric band treatments can do!

Become the best version of yourself!