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Script development:

I work more than 10 hours on your file before you come to the office, including 7 hours on your script. You arrive on the day of your session ready to transform your life 1 time in 1 hour.

Deposit for office appointments

A deposit of Frs. 200 is payable at the time of the appointment, by non-refundable credit card, it constitutes the file fees, the offline consultation of your medical questionnaire, and the progress of your hypnosis script.

The balance of the consultation or coaching is payable in full at the beginning of the session in cash.

Full payment when booking an appointment for online consultation

By bank transfer to the account
BCGE (Banque Cantonale Genevoise )
Holder Farida Sebbag Iban CH14 0078 80000 0507 6028 4
The amount credited to the BCGE account is authentic, not the transmission of the transaction from your account.

Credit card.
If you pay by credit card, 3% of the amount of the bank charges are at your charge. Make sure you have enough money on your card and that there are no restrictions on the amount you can pay. If payment is not possible, the consultation is cancelled and the deposit is not refunded.

Means of payment

1. Online credit card via Stripe (ultra secure online payment)
2. Bank transfer :
BCGE account (Banque Cantonale Genevoise)
Holder Farida Sebbag
Iban CH14 0078 8000 0507 6028 4

Global invoice

The global invoice is issued on the day of the consultation. It is established in 3 copies, all our services are declared to the taxes of the country of the place of the consultation.

Time limit for a consultation

The delay for a consultation is variable and can go from 1 to several months, even 1 year. We strongly recommend advanced hypnosis which is a one time only session and has an excellent success rate no matter how much weight you need to lose! as well as our TransForm programs.

Confirmation of appointment after your deposit

Once your payment has been confirmed, your online appointment is confirmed and you have the opportunity to complete the health questionnaire. The appointment is kept for 24 hours while waiting for your payment. After this period, it is offered to other patients.

Consultation additional

The method is powerful and equivalent to several hypnosis sessions, it is not necessary for us to offer you more. The changes are immediate, the first weight loss results can be significant as early as the 7th day. If you wish nevertheless for various reasons to do other sessions, the price of the following ones is Frs 600 in the following month at the most. Beyond 30 days the amount is Frs 800.

Consultation to children

We do not provide consultations to children and patients under 18 years of age. For adolescents, the opinion of the pediatrician is necessary.

Make appointment

The appointment is made exclusively online, if you have difficulties to do it you can contact us by phone 022.548.10.15 or 079.694.69.00

Body analysis by medical class III equipment

We offer you a complete measurement (analysis and interpretation) of your body analysis by medical class III equipment, the most efficient on the market. This will take away any assumptions about how your body works and we will use the data in the development of your script. Even if nothing replaces the skills of the hypnologist, science allows us to go even further and more precisely to increase the success rate of your session, which is why I propose TransForm

For online consultations, whenever possible, weigh yourself on an impedance scale, in a specialized store or in a fitness club. All scales are now equipped with this technology.


All appointments are subject to a deposit of CHF 200 (two hundred Swiss francs) by payment slip or bank transfer or, lastly, by credit card when the appointment is made.

Due to a large number of appointments and in order to guarantee the high quality of my sessions, I am now offering limited time slots and online consultations will gradually replace in-office consultations.

Proof of appointment can be provided to your employer if necessary.


Please note that the deposit of Frs 200 is a non-refundable fee, regardless of the circumstances and reasons.

Our consultations are considered to be for cosmetic purposes (except for diagnosed chronic diseases certified by a physician) and are therefore not reimbursed by your basic or complementary insurance.

The appointment is made exclusively through our website, in case of difficulty you can reach me at

022 548 10 15 or 079 694 69 00

The payment of the deposit validates the acceptance of the above mentioned information


As a member of the Physicians’ Fund, you will be issued a paid global invoice on the day of the consultation. All our consultations are subject to a paid invoice in 3 copies, one of which is intended for the HypnoCorpe tax return.


Our hypnosis consultations are not reimbursed by basic or complementary insurances .