The power of imagination, the dream becomes reality



A gastric band is a radical surgical procedure that reduces the available space in the stomach. The hypnotic gastric banding that I offer is a psychologically enhanced procedure that can help convince the unconscious that a gastric band has been installed, so that the body behaves exactly as if it were physically present, without any of its inconveniences and side effects.

My method is for you if:

  • you have more than 13 kg to lose
  • you have always been overweight
  • you have lost weight in the past and regained it repeatedly
  • or if you have trouble recognizing when your body has eaten enough.

It is a supplement without extra cost that is included in our protocols but which, when practiced alone, does not allow for lasting weight loss. This is why you are not charged for it when you combine it with one of our weight loss services.

By the end of the session, you will feel full with very small portions. Your appetite will be physically modified by the imagination of a gastric band and you will lose weight until your body reaches a natural, healthy, slim size.

The key to the success of such a method lies in the realistic and detailed description from each of the steps of the virtual gastric banding approach (stomach reduction surgery, preoperative consultation with the doctor, etc. – This allows the unconscious mind to be convinced that a gastric band has been placed, so that the body behaves exactly as if it had been surgically placed.

Gastric banding is a radical operation to reduce the size of the stomach, akind of band placed around the top of the stomach that is tightened so that only a limited amount of food can pass through, just like a funnel. The feeling of not being hungry comes quickly with very little food. By eating 2 to 3 times less than before the procedure, patients no longer feel hungry and lose weight.

The success rate is only 70% and this operation has disadvantages (nausea and vomiting: 50%, diarrhea, constipation, obstruction or blockage by food that is too big for the band: 15%, reflux or regurgitation of food: 35%, slippage of the band: 25%, difficulty swallowing…).

My method by hypnotic system is totally atypical and 100% safe. You have nothing to fear, no pain, no incision

The only result of hypnosis is a positive and relaxing experience that will help you lose weight and change your perception of the size of your stomach.

From the average size of a melon, by hypnosis we will convince you that your stomach is now the size of a tennis ball, about 10 times smaller, and without the side effects of surgery.

The use of hypnosis to imagine the operation was and still is used by 2 Anglo-Saxon hypnotherapists with a protocol of 4 sessions followed by a 5th one months later.

For my part, I prefer 1 deep session (instead of 4) with a combination of specific techniques in the office.

Waiting until the third session to perform the hypnosis for surgery is very frustrating for most patients who want things done quickly and effectively at a price that fits within a reasonable budget.

Fewer sessions also means fewer costs for both the patient and the practice, making the price more accessible to a larger number of patients, as well as welcoming more patients. Secondly, the hypnologist’s skills, his ability to make the sessions real, his mastery and his knowledge are important.

I have tested hundreds of methods to choose only one and develop my style, as well as my own script, having attended surgeries, coming from a medical and pharmaceutical family are advantages that have helped me a lot. And so I have no trouble persuading the patient that he or she is actually in an operating room.

Finally, my method is not there to compete with or demonize surgery. Understanding how the surgeon understands the operation, understanding the cases eligible or not for the operation, the successes and failures, the advantages and disadvantages that this entails, allows me to propose an alternative for candidates who cannot or do not wish to undergo surgery, as well as to to better master the hypnosis treatment. More options for patient comfort and health!




Diets are too restrictive, which makes them difficult to follow. When we know that 95% of people who follow a diet regain all the weight they have lost in only one year and often with additional weight, we see that diets do not work. The maximum duration of a diet is 6 weeks and many people can only last a few days.

Diet and exercise do not address the problems that cause people to overeat. There is always an emotional reason, and it is usually for comfort when people are stressed, unhappy, vulnerable or bored that they tend to overeat.

Over 70% of overeaters are emotional and addictive eaters. 20% are habitual eaters who ignore themselves, and only 10% are angry eaters. You need to know what kind of eater you are before you can tackle the problem, which no amount of diets, pills or gastric band treatments can do!

The hypnotic gastric band is a help but for a radical change, opt for my advanced hypnosis formula.