Online sessions via webex

You can now have a hypnosis consultation in the comfort of your own home,  to reduce the risk of potential viral transmission between healthy and affected patients in facilities. Online hypnosis consultations can be a convenient and accessible form of therapy for people who cannot attend in-person sessions.

Online hypnosis consultations are a form of virtual therapy that involves inducing a state of deep relaxation and heightened suggestibility through hypnosis, with the goal of helping individuals overcome a range of mental health issues or achieve personal goals.

During an online hypnosis session, I guide you through a series of relaxation techniques, imagery and suggestions to help you achieve a state of deep relaxation and increased suggestibility. I will provide you with personalized suggestions or affirmations to help you achieve your goals or overcome specific challenges.

 I am qualified and licensed to provide hypnosis therapy and guarantee that the therapy is conducted in a safe and ethical manner.

From your home :

What you will need

– A working laptop, tablet or smartphone with a front-facing camera. 

– A fully charged device or access to power.

– An Internet connection.

– Your email address.

– A well-lit space so I can see you.

– A quiet space to reduce distractions.

– Headphones that connect to your device for clear sound and privacy.

You can be sure you have what you need to join a virtual meeting by joining a test meeting any time before.

Participate in a virtual consultation with your clinician from your computer

1. Select the Join link in your invitation email or What’s app

2. Your web browser will open a web page that displays your meeting information.

3. Enter your information.

4. Click Join Meeting.

Connect to audio and video

1. Choose your audio connection.

2. Set your video preference to video on.

3. Join the meeting by selecting Connect Audio and Video.

Join an appointment from your mobile or tablet

1. Download the Webex Meetings application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. 5 minutes before your appointment, open the Webex Meeting invitation and click on “join”.

3. Enter your name and e-mail address.

4. Press the green phone icon to connect your audio. Choose to call or to call via Internet.

5. Press the video icon.

6. Press Start My Video.

If you need help connecting your audio or video, you can contact me.