“I can make you lose your few unwanted pounds, recent or old, in 1 session and up to 100 pounds over a year by hypnosis “

Are you ready for change?

Whether it's changing physically by achieving your ideal weight or opting for a new life filled with success

HypnoCorpe is an extremely dynamic, fast and effective hypnosis method that is designed to uncover the root cause of your problems, free you from any self-destructive beliefs or patterns, and imprint powerful new positive messages in your subconscious mind. The permanent results will allow you toeliminate your excessweight and allow you to change your life to lead you to success in all areas.

One session in your life is enough
A HypnoCorpe session is equivalent to 4 or 5 sessions of classical hypnosis.

You will experience a 60-minute session designed to awaken your brain’s neuroplasticity, and rewire your thought patterns for an abundance of wealth, health, and love, as well as trigger an instant and profound neurological transformation. You will feel the results as soon as you wake up.

My method is for you

If you are slightly, significantly or even extremely overweight.
If you suffer from obesity or diabetes, food addictions, compulsive eating, diagnosed hyperphagia.
If your problem is hunger.
If your problem is a concern of too much food.
If you want to stop dieting.
If you want to eliminate snacking and cravings.
If you want to increase your motivation to exercise.
If you want to stop yo-yo dieting.
If you want to adopt a new food hygiene in “automatic” mode.
If you want to increase your metabolism.
Or if you want to burn fat quickly and preserve your muscle mass.

Farida Sebbag  is hypnosis practitioner (clinical hypnosis), classically trained hypnotherapist, founder of HypnoCorpe, and author widely known for her method of losing weight without dieting in one session. 

Today, Farida is a world leader in the art of instant inductions(less than 1 second) and weight loss without dieting.  She specializes in extreme weight loss with Chris and Heidi Powell from the American TV show,  for weight losses of up to 100 kilos in one year.

From consultations and training in personal development   are also offered. Today, some thousands of people have taken back their bodies and their lives to reach for good what they have never reached. 

So why not you?

Free your mind, love your body and change your life

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