about Farida Sebbag


Farida Sebbag is hypnosis practitioner and founder of the HypnoCorpe system, which combines the most powerful psychological methods to unlock the neuroplasticity necessary for exceptional changes in health, wealth, love and more. The advantage of activating the neuro plasticity of the mind is to solve all the problems of the past and practically eliminate all the limitations. 

Classically trained, in addition to training with legendary hypnotists in the UK, Germany and the US, Farida has studied Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic Programming, cognitive therapy, mentalism, time line therapy, psychological regression techniques and metabolic nutrition. 

Today, Farida is a world leader in hypnosis clinic specializing in weight loss and success, using the art of instant inductionsAwarded the title of World’s Fastest Hypnotist, by the World’s Fastest Hypnotist, theuring her sessions, she guarantees you no long and progressive hypnosis. In 1 fraction of a second, you are in deep hypnosis!

Against all dieting, she is training at the University of Phoenix to treat weight loss at its mechanical root in addition to its emotional root: the metabolism.

Her meeting and training with Chris and Heidi Powell, from the well known TV show Weight loss Transformation make over, propels her to as one of the best specialists in physical transformation for extreme weight loss without any dieting, long lasting and without yo yo effect.

Sound advanced hypnosis with only one session in life is for men, women and teenagers. No appetite suppressants, no restrictive food lists, no medications, no meal replacements, just your mind taken care of by hypnosis.  We can expect to lose an average of 3 kilos per month by advanced hypnosis and 8 by TransForm.

 For the extreme or rapid weight loss, it integratesTransForm Ultimate coachingallowing weight losses of up to 100 kilos over a year. We can expect spectacular and long-lasting results, than to a body fat loss of   2% per week while preserving the lean mass while the usual weight loss techniques concern or   show mediocre results (2% in 10 months or even an increase of body fat).


Based in Geneva, Farida says she is fortunate and honored to receive patients from all over Europe and beyond. Since November 2017, the HypnoCorpe technique is offered in Los Angeles – Beverley Hills where she receives personalities from television or Hollywood movies, and since 2019 in Florida in Orlando.

Appointments are offered to adults and adolescents who are slightly overweight, overweight or morbidly obese.

Farida also gives lectures, writes articles on different areas such as weight loss, confidence building, as well as issues such as staying young or meeting and experiencing unconditional love.


Hypnosis and NLP

Oriental medicine Aesthetic medicine

  • Certification in hypnotherapy – Paris
  • Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP – Paris
  • Master in hypnosis – USA and UK
  • Specialization in weight loss by hypnosis – USA and UK
  • Specialization in virtual gastric banding by hypnosis – USA and UK
  • Specialization in “Craving Carbs” – compulsive sweet tooth – USA and UK
  • Specialization in Binge Eats – compulsive eating – USA and UK
  • Health and Wellbeing at Work NHS- UK
  • Certification in mentalism UK
  • Creator of the virtual gastric balloon
  • Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine – Suzhou University – China

  • Certification in academic medicine – France and Suzhou Medical University – China
  • Post-graduate certification in aesthetic medicine of the face and body – University of Bologna – Italy and UK
  • Post-graduate certification in anti-ageing – University of Bologna – Italy and UK

Metabolism, physical and nutritional coaching

  • Chris and Heidi Powell TransForm Coaching Certification – Phoenix USA
  • Certification in macro nutrition USA
  • Certification in anti-inflammatory nutrition USA
  • Certification in HIIT and THIIT programs (high intensity training and very high intensity training) UK – USA
  • Certification in fasting and ketogenic diet UK – USA

Membership and participation

  • Member of the Caisse des médecins de Genève
  • Member IHA (International Hypnosis Association) – USA
  • Member of the International Association of Medical and Dental Hypnosis
  • Participation and intervention in multiple medical conferences – Europe and USA
  • Awareness of weight gain, innovative and radically beneficial solutions. The “Lounge Mind” concept.


"Everything you need to be healthy
and become the person you want to be is within you, I will allow you
to take control of your mind and body " Farida Sebbag